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An essay of phylogeny of the orthorhapous Brachycera (Diptera)

  title={An essay of phylogeny of the orthorhapous Brachycera (Diptera)},
  author={A. Nagatomi},
  journal={Entomologist's Monthly Magazine},
  • A. Nagatomi
  • Published 1996
  • Biology
  • Entomologist's Monthly Magazine
The position of the family pantophthalmidae in the classification of the orthorrhaphous Brachycera (Diptera) based on larval characters
The larval morphology of Pantophthalmidae, a peculiar family of xylobiont flies distributed in the Neotropical Region, is studied. The larva supposedly belonging to the genus Opetiops End. isExpand
The position of the genus Heterotropus in the system of Brachycera-Orthorrhapha (Diptera)
Judging by the larval morphology and biology, the subfamily Heterotropinae should be elevated to the family rank and considered within the superfamily Bombylioidea, together with Bombyliidae, Nemestrinidae, and Apioceridae. Expand
Phylogeny and systematics of Diptera: Two decades of progress and prospects
The Diptera, or true flies, are the most ecologically diverse order of insects, spanning ecological roles from detritivory to vertebrate blood feeding and leaf mining, and major recent phylogenetic analyses are summarized in a supertree for the Diptera. Expand
Phylogenetic Importance of Immature Stages: Solving the Riddle of Exeretonevra Macquart (Diptera: Xylophagidae)
Larval characteristics and reinterpretation of adult morphology clearly show that Exeretonevra belongs to the family Xylophagidae, subfamily Coenomyiinae, and this lineage is likely to have existed on the continent since the Mesozoic. Expand
A revision of the palaearctic species of Lamromyia Macquart (Diptera, Vermileonidae), with the description of a new Iberian species and a cladogram for the genus
A cladistic analysis reveals three species-groups: the pilosula group of Southern Africa, the canadensis group of the Canary Islands, and the cylindrica group of NW Africa + Iberia/France. Expand