An equilibrium characterization of the term structure

  title={An equilibrium characterization of the term structure},
  author={Oldrich A. Vasicek},
  journal={Journal of Financial Economics},
  • Oldrich A. Vasicek
  • Published 1 November 1977
  • Economics, Mathematics
  • Journal of Financial Economics

Towards a general theory of bond markets

It is shown that a market is approximately complete iff an equivalent martingale measure is unique and two constructions of stochastic integrals with respect to processes taking values in a space of continuous functions are suggested.

Research articles A term structure model with preferences for the timing of resolution of uncertainty

Summary. In this paper we present a model of the term structure of interest rates with imperfect information and stochastic differential utility, a form of non-additive recursive utility. A principal

A Geometric View of Interest Rate Theory

The purpose of this essay is to give an overview of some recent workconcerning structural properties of the evolution of the forward rate curve in an arbitrage free bond market. The main problems to

A Theory of the Nominal Term Structure of Interest Rates

A model of the nominal term structure of interest rates is developed that has a positive and stationary process for the interest rate and delivers closed-form expressions for the prices of discount

The term structure of interest rates: the case of imperfect information

  • R. ApelfeldA. Conze
  • Economics
    [1991] Proceedings of the 30th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control
  • 1991
The authors consider the problem of valuation of bonds in a market with an imperfectly observable state variable. A natural way to transform the problem of valuation of bonds in an imperfect

The Dynamics of the Forward Interest Rate Curve: A Formulation with State Variables

Abstract The objective of this paper is twofold. First, the paper develops a class of models of the term structure of interest rates, in the Heath, Jarrow, and Morton (1992) framework, with dynamics

A New Approach to the Valuation of Interest Rate Derivatives: Arrow-Debreu Prices Implicit in the Term Structure of Interest Rates

In a complete, arbitrage-free securities market, the value of a discount bond is modeled in terms of the pricing kernel and the transition density function of the spot interest rate process. The



Stock prices, inflation, and the term structure of interest rates

Optimum Consumption and Portfolio Rules in a Continuous-Time Model*

An Estimate of the Liquidity Premium

The liquidity premium on U.S. government securities is quantitatively estimated and tabulated, using maturities from 1 month to 30 years. Unbiased forecasting by the market is assumed in order to get

The Pricing of Options and Corporate Liabilities

If options are correctly priced in the market, it should not be possible to make sure profits by creating portfolios of long and short positions in options and their underlying stocks. Using this

The Behavior of Interest Rates: An Application of the Efficient Market Model to U

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An intertemporal model for the capital market is deduced from the portfolio selection behavior by an arbitrary number of investors who aot so as to maximize the expected utility of lifetime