An epidemiological survey on neonatal jaundice in China.

  title={An epidemiological survey on neonatal jaundice in China.},
  author={Gang Ding and Si-xun Zhang and Dongmei Yao and Quan Na and Hong-yun Wang and Lu Li and Lei Yang and Wenquan Huang and Yun-hui Wang and Jingcai Xu},
  journal={Chinese medical journal},
  volume={114 4},
OBJECTIVE To provide epidemiological data for revising the diagnostic criteria of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia in China. METHODS A survey was performed among full-term infants in multiple centers throughout the country. From less than 24 hours after birth, the infants' bilirubin levels were measured every day until the peak level fell to less than 68.4 mumol/L. Auditory brainstem responses were assessed in 56 infants randomly chosen from those with serum bilirubin levels of higher than 220.5… CONTINUE READING