An engineered monomeric Zoanthus sp. yellow fluorescent protein.

  title={An engineered monomeric Zoanthus sp. yellow fluorescent protein.},
  author={Hiofan Hoi and Elizabeth S. Howe and Yidan Ding and Wei Zhang and Michelle A. Baird and Brittney R. Sell and John R. Allen and Michael W. Davidson and Robert E. Campbell},
  journal={Chemistry & biology},
  volume={20 10},
Protein engineering has created a palette of monomeric fluorescent proteins (FPs), but there remains an ~30 nm spectral gap between the most red-shifted useful Aequorea victoria green FP (GFP) variants and the most blue-shifted useful Discosoma sp. red FP (RFP) variants. To fill this gap, we have engineered a monomeric version of the yellow FP (YFP) from Zoanthus sp. coral. Our preferred variant, designated as mPapaya1, displays excellent fluorescent brightness, good photostability, and retains… CONTINUE READING
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