An electrophoretic and morphological analysis of Labiostrongylus (Labiosimplex) bancrofti (Johnston & Mawson, 1939) (Nematoda: Cloacinidae), from macropodid marsupials, with the description of two new species


Allozyme electrophoresis was used to compare specimens of Labiostrongylus (Labiosimplex) bancrofti from two species of Australian macropodids, Macropus dorsalis and M. parryi, with a related species, L. (Labiomultiplex) uncinatus which also infests M. dorsalis. Each nematode was characterised genetically at 18 enzyme loci. The level of fixed genetic… (More)
DOI: 10.1023/A:1005717400577


4 Figures and Tables