An electronic ballast with inductively coupled preheating circuits

  title={An electronic ballast with inductively coupled preheating circuits},
  author={T.-F. Wu and C. C. Chen and J.-N. Wu},
  journal={Conference Record of the 2001 IEEE Industry Applications Conference. 36th IAS Annual Meeting (Cat. No.01CH37248)},
  pages={517-523 vol.1}
This paper presents an electronic ballast with inductively coupled preheating circuits based on a half-bridge series-resonant parallel loaded inverter. A ballast with the circuits can ignite lamps at low temperature (-30/spl deg/C), while still keeping filaments properly preheated. This can save energy for nondimmable ballasts by reducing the filament voltage and can increase lamp life by reducing voltage stress imposed on lamps during start-up transition. Moreover the proposed preheating… CONTINUE READING


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