An electron of helium atom under a high-intensity laser field

  title={An electron of helium atom under a high-intensity laser field},
  author={Babatunde James Falaye and Guo-Hua Sun and Adenike Grace Adepoju and Muhammed S. Liman and K. J. Oyewumi and Shi-hai Dong},
  journal={Laser Physics},
We scrutinize the behavior of eigenvalues of an electron in a helium (He) atom as it interacts with electric field directed along the z-axis and is exposed to linearly polarized intense laser field radiation. To achieve this, we freeze one electron of the He atom at its ionic ground state and the motion of the second electron in the ion core is treated via a more general case of screened Coulomb potential model. Using the Kramers–Henneberger (KH) unitary transformation, which is the… 
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Nonperturbative theory of harmonic generation in helium under a high-intensity laser field: The role of intermediate resonance and of the ion.

  • XuTangLambropoulos
  • Physics
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The time-dependent Schroedinger equation for the helium atom with a model potential is solved on a numerical grid and it is found that the harmonics with order higher than 13 are due to the ion when the photon energy is 5.0 eV.

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