An electron microscopic study of Babesia microti invading erythrocytes

  title={An electron microscopic study of Babesia microti invading erythrocytes},
  author={Dr. Maria A. Rudzinska and William Trager and Sondra J. Lewengrub and Erminio Gubert},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
Intracellular sporozoan parasites invade the host cell through the invagination of the plasma membrane of the host and a vacuole is formed which accommodates the entering parasite. The vacuole may disappear and the invaginated membrane of the host then becomes closely apposed to that of the parasite's own membrane. As a result the parasite is covered by two membranes. Members of the class Piroplasmea differ from other Sporozoa in that their trophozoites are covered by a single membrane. By… CONTINUE READING


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