An electrochemical signal 'off-on' sensing platform for microRNA detection.

  title={An electrochemical signal 'off-on' sensing platform for microRNA detection.},
  author={Huanshun Yin and Yunlei Zhou and Chuanxia Chen and Lusheng Zhu and Shiyun Ai},
  journal={The Analyst},
  volume={137 6},
The abnormal expression of microRNAs (miRNAs) in many solid tumors makes miRNAs potential biomarkers for disease diagnosis and highlights the need for the sensitive and selective detection of miRNAs. In the present work, an 'off-on' signaling genosensor platform for miRNA-21 detection was well developed. This tactic was based on a locked nucleic acid-integrated nucleic acid hairpin probe, a biotin-labeled bridge DNA-AuNPs-bio-barcode signal amplification unit and enzymatic signal amplification… CONTINUE READING

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