An electrical conductivity relaxation study of oxygen transport in samarium doped ceria

  title={An electrical conductivity relaxation study of oxygen transport in samarium doped ceria},
  author={Chirranjeevi Balaji Gopal and Sossina M. Haile},
  journal={Journal of Materials Chemistry},
  • C. Gopal, S. Haile
  • Published 31 August 2013
  • Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics
  • Journal of Materials Chemistry
The efficacy of the electrical conductivity relaxation (ECR) technique for investigating the oxygen transport properties of mixed conducting oxides has been evaluated. Fifteen mol% samarium doped ceria (SDC15), for which approximate values of the two principal transport properties, bulk oxygen diffusivity, DChem, and surface reaction rate constant, kS, can be found in the literature, was chosen as the benchmark material against which to validate the methodology. Measurements were carried out at… Expand
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