An electric artificial heart for clinical use.

  title={An electric artificial heart for clinical use.},
  author={W S Pierce and Gerson Rosenberg and A J Snyder and Walter E. Pae and James H. Donachy and John A. Waldhausen},
  journal={Annals of surgery},
  volume={212 3},
  pages={339-43; discussion 343-4}
Advances in microelectronics, high-strength magnets, and control system design now make replacement of the heart using an implantable, electrically powered pump feasible. The device described herein is a compact, dual pusher plate unit with valved polyurethane sac-type ventricles positioned at either end. The power unit consists of a small, brushless direct current motor and a motion translator. A microprocessor control system is used to regulate heart beat rate and provide left-right output… CONTINUE READING
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