An efficient strategy to syntheses of isoflavones

  title={An efficient strategy to syntheses of isoflavones},
  author={Longzhu Liu and Qiuya Wang and Zunting Zhang and Qiong Zhang and Zichao Du and Dong ‐ Yang Xue and Tingting Wang},
  journal={Molecular Diversity},
Isoflavones were synthesized by two steps in good yields, starting from commercially available 2-hydroxyacetophenones and benzene analogs. First, intermediate 3-(dimethylamino)-1-(2-hydroxyphenyl) prop-2-en-1-ones were obtained by the condensation of 2-hydroxyacetophenones and DMF-DMA in DMF with high yields. Second, isoflavones were synthesized by irradiation of 3-(dimethylamino)-1-(2-hydroxyphenyl)prop- 2-en-1-ones in the presence of iodine using benzene analogs as solvent under a mercury… CONTINUE READING