An efficient prebiotic synthesis of cytosine and uracil

  title={An efficient prebiotic synthesis of cytosine and uracil},
  author={M. P. Robertson and S. Miller},
  • M. P. Robertson, S. Miller
  • Published 1995
  • Chemistry
  • Nature
  • IN contrast to the purines1–3, the routes that have been proposed for the prebiotic synthesis of pyrimidines from simple precursors give only low yields. Cytosine can be synthesized from cyano-acetylene and cyanate4,5; the former precursor is produced from a spark discharge in a CH4/N2 mixture4,5 and is an abundant interstellar molecule6. But this reaction requires relatively high concentrations of cyanate (>0.1 M), which are unlikely to occur in aqueous media as cyanate is hydrolysed rapidly… CONTINUE READING
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