An efficient method for simulation of the dynamics of a large number of deformable droplets in the stokes regime

  title={An efficient method for simulation of the dynamics of a large number of deformable droplets in the stokes regime},
  author={Olga A. Abramova and Yu.A. Itkulova and Nail A. Gumerov and Iskander Sh. Akhatov},
  journal={Doklady Physics},
Direct simulations of the interaction of a large number of deformable droplets are necessary for more accurate predictions of rheological properties and the microstructure of liquid-liquid systems. In the present study, a mathematical model of a three-dimensional flow of a mixture of two Newtonian liquids of a droplet structure in an unbounded domain at low Reynolds numbers is considered. An efficient computational method for simulation of the dynamics of a large number of deformable drops is… 
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