An efficient implementation of PBKDF2 with RIPEMD-160 on multiple FPGAs

  title={An efficient implementation of PBKDF2 with RIPEMD-160 on multiple FPGAs},
  author={Ayman Abbas and Rian Voss and Lars Wienbrandt and Manfred Schimmler},
  journal={2014 20th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS)},
A weakness of many security systems is the strength of the chosen password or key derivation function. We show how FPGA technology can be used to effectively attack cryptographic applications with a password dictionary. We have implemented two independent PBKDF2 cores each using four HMAC cores with pipelines calculating a RIPEMD-160 hash to derive encryption keys together with one resource optimized AES-256 XTS core for direct decryption on a Xilinx Spartan6-LX150 FPGA. Our design targets… CONTINUE READING


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