An efficient filling algorithm for counting regions


Region filling has many applications in computer graphics and image analysis. Some region filling tasks can be performed by fast scan line filling algorithms. Other region filling tasks require seed filling algorithms which are more general but slower. This paper introduces a seed filling algorithm that is designed to count regions irrespective of their shape. The method is described and its performance is compared with three alternative algorithms by applying them to a collection of 34 test images. The four methods showed complete agreement with respect to the counted numbers of regions. The proposed method was found to be fastest and requiring least memory.

DOI: 10.1016/j.cmpb.2003.09.004

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@article{Geraets2004AnEF, title={An efficient filling algorithm for counting regions}, author={Wil G. M. Geraets and A. N. van Daatselaar and J. G. C. Verheij}, journal={Computer methods and programs in biomedicine}, year={2004}, volume={76 1}, pages={1-11} }