An efficient external sorting with minimal space requirement


An efficient external sorting algorithm with minimal space requirement is presented in this article. The average number of passes over the data is approximately 1 +Ln(N + 1)/4B, whereN is the number of records in the file to be sorted, andB is the buffer size. The external storage requirement is only the file itself, no additional disk space is required. The internal storage requirement is four buffers: two for input, and two for output. The buffer size can be adjusted to the available memory space. A stack of size log2 N is also required.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00996816

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@article{Motzkin1982AnEE, title={An efficient external sorting with minimal space requirement}, author={Dalia Motzkin and Christina L. Hansen}, journal={International Journal of Computer & Information Sciences}, year={1982}, volume={11}, pages={381-396} }