An efficient MMSE-based demodulator for MIMO bit-interleaved coded modulation

  title={An efficient MMSE-based demodulator for MIMO bit-interleaved coded modulation},
  author={Dominik Seethaler and Gerald Matz and Franz Hlawatsch},
  journal={IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 2004. GLOBECOM '04.},
  pages={2455-2459 Vol.4}
In bit-interleaved coded modulation (BICM) systems employing maximum-likelihood decoding, a demodulator (demapper) calculates a log-likelihood ratio (LLR) for each coded bit, which is then used as a bit metric for Viterbi decoding. In the MIMO case, the computational complexity of LLR calculation tends to be excessively high, even if the log-sum approximation is used. Thus, there is a strong demand for efficient suboptimum MIMO-BICM demodulation algorithms with near-optimum performance. We… CONTINUE READING
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