An effective measure for assessing the quality of biclusters

  title={An effective measure for assessing the quality of biclusters},
  author={Federico Divina and Beatriz Pontes and Ra{\'u}l Gir{\'a}ldez and Jes{\'u}s S. Aguilar-Ruiz},
  journal={Computers in biology and medicine},
  volume={42 2},
Biclustering is becoming a popular technique for the study of gene expression data. This is mainly due to the capability of biclustering to address the data using various dimensions simultaneously, as opposed to clustering, which can use only one dimension at the time. Different heuristics have been proposed in order to discover interesting biclusters in data. Such heuristics have one common characteristic: they are guided by a measure that determines the quality of biclusters. It follows that… CONTINUE READING

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