An effective content-based image retrieval from huge datbase sets


This paper shows the user search results with an images. Based on the given query it retrieves the image from huge database, first we give the importance for content concepts and location concepts. And also users locations (positioned by GPS) are used insert the location concepts. For the user preference using ontology but it take into consideration the semantic meaning of each keyword that expected to upgrade the retrieval accuracy. Query results with an image based search sorted by the method of ranking to access more accurate results. We present a detailed architecture and design for implementation of search engine. Here the client collects and stores locally the click through data to protect privacy of the users.

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@article{GunaNandhini2016AnEC, title={An effective content-based image retrieval from huge datbase sets}, author={S. GunaNandhini and M. Muthu Nagendran}, journal={2016 International Conference on Information Communication and Embedded Systems (ICICES)}, year={2016}, pages={1-4} }