An autosomal transcript in skeletal muscle with homology to dystrophin

  title={An autosomal transcript in skeletal muscle with homology to dystrophin},
  author={Donald R. Love and Diane F. Hill and George Dickson and N. K. Spurr and Barbara C. Byth and Rosalind F. Marsden and Frank S. Walsh and Yvonne H. Edwards and K. E. Davies},
THE Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) gene has been localized to chromosome Xp211–6 and codes for a 14-kilobase (kb) transcript7 and a protein called dystrophin8, of relative molecular mass 427,000. Dystrophin is associated with the cytoplasmic face of muscle fibre membranes and its C-terminal domain is thought to mediate membrane attachment9–13. Although N-terminal and central domain structures share common features with other cytoskeletal components, no significant sequence similarity between… CONTINUE READING


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