An autopsy case with Good's syndrome and dermatomyositis

  title={An autopsy case with Good's syndrome and dermatomyositis},
  author={Hideo Sakuma and Hiroki Yoshida and Reiji Kasukawa and Nobumasa Satoh and Kazuho Yoshino},
  journal={Clinical Rheumatology},
A 31-year-old male patient complaining of repeated respiratory infections was revealed to be in an immunodeficient state in both humoral and cellular immunity and accompanied by dermatomyositis which was proved by both clinical and histological findings. Persistent diarrhea followed by colonic bleeding due to multiple ulcers and a severe liver dysfunction seemed to bring him to his death. The autopsy revealed the presence of thymoma of spindel cell type, depleted cells in the systemic lymphatic… CONTINUE READING