[An autopsied case of disseminated cryptococcosis with marked lymphadenopathy].


A 75 year old woman who was admitted to Higashisaga National Hospital due to chronic bronchitis showed a high fever (39.2 degrees C) and marked lymphadenopathy of the bilateral inguinal lymph-nodes. Chest X-ray showed diffuse infiltration. Cryptococcus was detected in biopsied lymph-nodes. Although 5-fluorocytosine, miconazole, amphotericin-B were administered for six weeks, she died and an autopsy was performed. Disseminated cryptococcosis was observed in the lung, liver, spleen, kidney, bone marrow, and lymph-nodes of the lung hilum, paratrachea, retroperitoneum, gall bladder and groin. She was a human T cell leukemia type I (HTLV-I) carrier, and this could be related to disseminated cryptococcosis.

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