An automatic and complete self-calibration method for robotic guided laser ablation

  • H. Monnichl, Daniel Steinl, J. Raczkowskyl, H. Wornl
  • Published 2010


This paper describes the content of the video for ICRA 2010. The approach presented in the video is a complete automatic registration of all needed devices for robotic guided C02 bone processing. The system consists of an optical tracking system, a lightweight robot and a scan head. While a standard point to point transformation for the transformation between optical tracking system and robot is inadequate, a special registration algorithm was developed and therefore is nsed. This allows an automatic registration by moving the robot to different positions and storing the position of a body attached to the robot TCP. The scan head is registered to the optical tracking system or to the robot using a camera that tracks the prototype laser. Only the patient must be registered manually. The result is that the robot moves to the target position on the bone defined inside the segmented 3D CT dataset. With the known registration between robot and tracking system the robot can also be controlled via visual servoing. KeywordsSurgical robotics, self calibration, scan head, laser osteotomy

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