An automated model for materials management and control

  title={An automated model for materials management and control},
  author={Ronie Navon and Olga Berkovich},
  journal={Construction Management and Economics},
  pages={635 - 646}
Current, manual, materials management and control procedures are unsatisfactory: they are labour intensive, inaccurate and error prone. The result is waste and surplus of materials, delays, decrease in productivity and lack of up‐to‐date, real‐time information regarding the status of purchase orders (PO), the levels of inventory, the actual vs. planned usage of materials, and others. The purpose of the present work was to develop an automated model, which alleviates some of these problems… 

Interoperable Approach in Support of Semi-Automated Construction Management

This paper addresses the development of a semi-automated approach for construction management, based on two main features: on one side a project management oriented re-organization of project’s information based on interoperable BIM and 4D modeling protocols, and on the other side a monitoring platform for real-time collection of data, relative to work progress and resources usage, by means of low intrusive technologies.

Improving on-site materials tracking for inventory management in construction projects

Construction materials constitute a large portion of the total cost in construction projects. It may account for 50-60% of the total project cost. As the cost of materials is important, the

Assessment of materials management on building projects in Ondo State, Nigeria

The control of materials on construction sites is handled carelessly by planning and purchasing departments, site supervisors and engineers as well as contractor’s organization and this have been

An implementation model for automated construction materials tracking and locating

Good materials management on large construction projects is critical for maximizing productivity and project performance. When key materials are temporarily lost, whole crews may be left idle and the

Intelligent Materials Tracking System for Construction Projects Management

An essential factor adversely affecting the performance of construction projects is the improper handling of materials during site activities. In addition, paper-based reports are mostly used to

Automated Productivity Measurement Model of Two-dimensional Earthmoving-equipment Operations

A pilot field test showed that this model can generate control information with a deviation of +15% this deviation can be meaningfully increased if averaged over a number of days, especially if the control information is needed at a higher frequency than biweekly.

Materials tracking practices for inventory management in construction projects

Inventory is important especially in construction project as the proper amount of inventory will ensure that all construction activities will be able to carry out according to the planned schedules.

Combining Automatically and Manually Collected Data for Project Monitoring and Control

Purpose In an extended research program, started about two decades ago, a number of models have been developed for monitoring and controlling construction. These include models for the control of

An Appraisal of Control of Construction Materials in the Nigerian Building Industry: A Case Study of Abuja, Nigeria

  • I. Albert
  • Engineering
    Civil Engineering Research Journal
  • 2018
An effective project control system is essential to the successful delivery of a construction project. Projects of substantial sizes or complexity need to be continually managed to guarantee any

Performance Analysis of Inventory Management System in Construction Industries in India

Inventory management system involves procurement, storage, identification, retrieval, transport and construction methods. Each is indelibly linked to safety, productivity and schedule performance.




Construction materials management is generally recognized to be the integrated coordination of materials takeoff, purchasing, expediting, receiving, warehousing and distribution. When these functions

The role of logistics in the materials flow control process

Frequently, the supply of building materials to the construction site is fraught with difficulties which can have a significant effect on productivity. Major productivity gains are possible,

Costs and benefits of materials management systems

Construction professionals are recognizing the need to focus on the materials management process as a proactive, identifiable entity that has a significant impact on the cost of construction. In

Interpretation of Automatically Monitored Lifting Equipment Data for Project Control

Interpretation of the data that can be collected by automated monitoring systems on construction sites is the most significant challenge to providing useful management information. Distinct

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This paper describes the results of three case studies in which the subcontractor-fabricator relations had a significant negative effect on labor productivity of the subcontractor. Late vendor

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Material waste has been recognized as a major problem in the construction industry that has important implications both for the efficiency industry and for the environmental impact of construction

Fundamental principles of site material management

This paper was written to fill a void created by the absence of fundamental principles of site construction management. Efficient material management is essential to managing a productive and cost

Implementing Radio Frequency Identification in the Construction Process

This paper provides construction industry owners and contractors with information about enhancing their operations using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Radio frequency