An autocatalytic mechanism of protein nitrosylation.

  title={An autocatalytic mechanism of protein nitrosylation.},
  author={Andrey A. Nedospasov and Ruslan Rafikov and Nataliya V Beda and Vladimir Svetlov},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={97 25},
Nitros(yl)ation is a widespread protein modification that occurs during many physiological and pathological processes. It can alter both the activity and function of a protein. Nitric oxide (( small middle dot)NO) has been implicated in this process, but its mechanism remained uncertain. ( small middle dot)NO is unable to react with nucleophiles under oxygen-free conditions, suggesting that its higher oxides, such as N(2)O(3), were actually nitrosylating agents. However, low concentrations and… CONTINUE READING

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Autocatalytic mechanism of protein nitrosation and its implication for NO-donors formation and also target enzyme inactivation


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