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An augmented Lagrangian preconditioner for the magnetohydrodynamics equations at high Reynolds and coupling numbers

  title={An augmented Lagrangian preconditioner for the magnetohydrodynamics equations at high Reynolds and coupling numbers},
  author={Fabian Laakmann and Patrick E. Farrell and Lawrence Mitchell},
. The magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) equations are generally known to be difficult to solve numerically, due to their highly nonlinear structure and the strong coupling between the electromagnetic and hydrodynamic variables, especially for high Reynolds and coupling numbers. In this work, we present a scalable augmented Lagrangian preconditioner for a finite element discretization of the B - E formulation of the incompressible viscoresistive MHD equations. For stationary problems, our solver achieves… 
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A finite element discretization of an exact penalty formulation for the stationary MHD equations posed in two-dimensional domains has the benefit of implicitly enforcing the divergence-free condition on the magnetic field without requiring a Lagrange multiplier.
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