An attempt to estimate the relative amounts of krypton and of xenon in atmospheric air

  title={An attempt to estimate the relative amounts of krypton and of xenon in atmospheric air},
  author={W. Ramsay},
  journal={Proceedings of the Royal Society of London},
  pages={421 - 426}
  • W. Ramsay
  • Environmental Science
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London
When Dr. Travers and I isolated krypton and xenon from air, we had very little idea of the total amount of liquid air from which, by its evaporation, these gases had been obtained. And we were then more concerned with the isolation of the gases in a pure state than in the determination of the proportion in which they exist in the atmosphere. Our knowledge of the composition of the air, however, is not Complete until the total yield of krypton, xenon, neon, and helium has been determined. An… Expand
Aerostatik und Planetenatmosphären
In dem vorliegenden Kapitel werden wir die Prinzipien und Resultate der kinetischen Theorie zu einer Diskussion von Problemen anwenden, die mit der Atmosphare verknupft sind, und zwar sowohl unseresExpand
Experimental treatments for hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy.
Agents such as inhaled xenon, N-acetylcysteine, melatonin, erythropoietin and anticonvulsants, and the role of biomarkers to speed up clinical translation are discussed, in particular, the use of the cerebral magnetic resonance spectroscopy lactate/N- acetyl aspartate peak area ratios to provide early prognostic information. Expand
Preclinical neuroprotective actions of xenon and possible implications for human therapeutics: a narrative review
  • M. Maze
  • Medicine
  • Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie
  • 2015
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The chemical composition of the atmosphere
Sir William Ramsay