An asymptotic result of conditional logistic regression estimator

  title={An asymptotic result of conditional logistic regression estimator},
  author={Zhulin He and Yuyuan Ouyang},
  journal={Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods},
  pages={4729 - 4740}
Abstract In cluster-specific studies, ordinary logistic regression and conditional logistic regression for binary outcomes provide maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) and conditional maximum likelihood estimator (CMLE), respectively. In this paper, we show that CMLE is approaching to MLE asymptotically when each individual data point is replicated infinitely many times. Our theoretical derivation is based on the observation that a term appearing in the conditional average log-likelihood function… 

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In prospective studies of lung cancer an estimate of relative mortality is usually preferred to one of relative incidence or prevalence because (a) the death registration system provides a complete enumeration which is lacking for newly developed or for existing cases and (b) diagnosis of cause of death is usually more accurate.

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  • R. Wong
  • Mathematics
    Classics in applied mathematics
  • 2001

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