An astronomical murder

  title={An astronomical murder},
  author={Ari Belenkiy},
  journal={Astronomy \& Geophysics},
  • A. Belenkiy
  • Published 1 April 2010
  • Physics
  • Astronomy & Geophysics
Ari Belenkiy examines the murder of Hypatia of Alexandria, wondering whether problems with astronomical observations and the date of Easter led to her becoming a casualty of fifth-century political intrigue. 


Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr
Introduction The Historical Context The Intellectual Background The Religious Background The Sources The Details of Hypatia's Life Hypatia's Work, Attitudes and Lifestyle Hypatia's Death Hypatia's
Ptolemy's Almagest
Foreword vii Addenda and Corrigenda xi Preface xv Introduction i Contents of the Almagest 27 Translation of the Almagest 33 Appendices 649 Bibliography 673 Index 683
Cleomedes (C. 1St Century Ad) on the Celestial Illusion, Atmospheric Enlargement, and Size – Distance Invariance
Cleomedes (Kleomedes) is a little-known Greek author who produced what is probably the earliest extant statement of size – distance invariance and is the earliest existing author to offer apparent distance as a clear explanation of the celestial illusion.
Hypatia of Alexandria
This book discusses the life and death of Hypatia and her circle, as well as some of the myths and legends surrounding her, in the course of her lifetime.
Isidore of Miletus and Hypatia: On the Editing of Mathematical Texts
The explicit to the commentary on Book II is identical except for the numeral. And the explicit to his commentary on Archimedes' In dimensionem circuli is identical again except for the title of the
Astronomical Refraction–Some History and Theories
Astronomical refraction has had a long and fascinating history. Cleomedes (100 A.D.) and Ptolemy (200 A.D.) were aware of its existence and understood in a qualitative way some of its properties.
Astronomical Algorithms
This book intends to be a guide for the (professional or amateur) astronomer who wants to do calculations, although a few astronomy oriented mathematical techniques are dealt with, such as interpolation, fitting curves, and sorting data.
XV. Hypatia, die tochter Theons
Alexandria war bald, nachdem es die residenz der Ptolemäer geworden, durch die grossartige liberalität dieser fiirsten der mittelpunkt der wissenschaftlichen weit des alterthums geworden· Schon der