An asteroseismic study of the β Cephei star 12 Lacertae: multisite spectroscopic observations, mode identification and seismic modelling

  title={An asteroseismic study of the $\beta$ Cephei star 12 Lacertae: multisite spectroscopic observations, mode identification and seismic modelling},
  author={Maarten Desmet and Maryline Briquet and Anne A. Thoul and Wolfgang Zima and Peter De Cat and Gerald Handler and Ilya Ilyin and Eiji Kambe and Jurek Krzesinski and Holger Lehmann and Seiji Masuda and Ph. Mathias and David Mkrtichian and John H. Telting and Katrien Uytterhoeven and S. Yang and C. Aerts},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
We present the results of a spectroscopic multisite campaign for the β Cephei star 12 (DD) Lacertae. Our study is based on more than thousand high-resolution high S/N spectra gathered with eight different telescopes in a time span of 11 months. In addition, we make use of numerous archival spectroscopic measurements. We confirm 10 independent frequencies recently discovered from photometry, as well as harmonics and combination frequencies. In particular, the slowly pulsating B-stars (SPB)-like… Expand
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Asteroseismology of the β Cephei star 12 (DD) Lacertae : photometric observations, pulsational frequency analysis and mode identification
We report a multisite photometric campaign for the beta Cephei star 12 Lacertae. 750 h of high-quality differential photoelectric Str�mgren, Johnson and Geneva time-series photometry were obtainedExpand
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δ Ceti Is Not Monoperiodic: Seismic Modeling of a β Cephei Star from MOST* Space-based Photometry
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