An assumption-free exact test for fixed-design linear models with exchangeable errors

  title={An assumption-free exact test for fixed-design linear models with exchangeable errors},
  author={Lihua Lei and Peter J. Bickel},
  journal={arXiv: Methodology},
We propose the cyclic permutation test (CPT) to test general linear hypotheses for linear models. This test is non-randomized and valid in finite samples with exact type-I error $\alpha$ for arbitrary fixed design matrix and arbitrary exchangeable errors, whenever $1 / \alpha$ is an integer and $n / p \ge 1 / \alpha - 1$. The test applies the marginal rank test on $1 / \alpha$ linear statistics of the outcome vectors where the coefficient vectors are determined by solving a linear system such… 

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Residual Permutation Test for High-Dimensional Regression Coefficient Testing

  • Kaiyue WenTengyao WangYuhao Wang
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2022
A new method, called residual permutation test (RPT), is proposed, which is constructed by projecting the regression residuals onto the space orthogonal to the union of the column spaces of the original and permuted design matrices, which can be proved to achieve nite-population size validity under high-dimensional linear models.


A general framework and a set of results on the consistency of invariance-based randomization tests in signal-plus-noise models are developed and it is found perhaps surprisingly that in some cases,randomization tests detect signals at the minimax optimal rate.




Given independent samples from P and Q, two-sample permutation tests allow one to construct exact level tests when the null hypothesis is P=Q. On the other hand, when comparing or testing particular

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distribution-free tests, based on their median estimates. Daniels [61 has also given a distribution-free test for the hypothesis that the regression parameters have specified values. This latter test

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Abstract A general method for constructing permutation tests for various experimental designs follows from invariance and sufficiency. In this framework, randomization (or rerandomization) tests are

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