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An assessment of the organic pollution level of Buhisan, Bulacao and Lahug rivers, Cebu, Philippines

  title={An assessment of the organic pollution level of Buhisan, Bulacao and Lahug rivers, Cebu, Philippines},
  author={Fleurdeliz Maglangit and Ritchelita P. Galapate},
The organic pollution levels of Buhisan, Bulac ao and Lahug Rivers were assessed using temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD 5) as test parameters. Samples were taken monthly for a period of six months from three established sites in each river designated as upstream, midstream and downstream. Results were c ompared with the DENR A dministrativ e Order 90-34 criteria for surface waters. The mean values of all the parameters observed at Bulacao River except for… 

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Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Administrative Order No
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