An as-cast high-entropy alloy with remarkable mechanical properties strengthened by nanometer precipitates.

  title={An as-cast high-entropy alloy with remarkable mechanical properties strengthened by nanometer precipitates.},
  author={Gang Qin and Ruirun Chen and Peter K. Liaw and Yanfei Gao and Liang Wang and Yan-qing Su and Hongsheng Ding and Jingjie Guo and Xiaoqing Li},
High-entropy alloys (HEAs) with good ductility and high strength are usually prepared by a combination of forging and heat-treatment processes. In comparison, the as-cast HEAs typically do not reach strengths similar to those of HEAs produced by the forging and heat-treatment processes. Here we report a novel equiatomic-ratio CoCrCuMnNi HEA prepared by vacuum arc melting. We observe that this HEA has excellent mechanical properties, i.e., a yield strength of 458 MPa, and an ultimate tensile… 

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