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An archaeometallurgical study of early medieval iron technology : an examination of the quality and use of iron alloys in iron artefacts from early medieval Britain

  title={An archaeometallurgical study of early medieval iron technology : an examination of the quality and use of iron alloys in iron artefacts from early medieval Britain},
  author={Samantha Rebecca Rubinson},
This project presents a study of iron technology in Early Medieval (fifth to eleventh centuries AD) Britain through the examination of iron found in settlement contexts. This is a period characterized by significant cultural, political and social changes. The effect of these changes on iron technology has never been investigated on a large scale. Previous studies on iron focused either on individual sites or on single artefact types, and did not provide any clear multi-region interpretive… 

The early medieval cutting edge of technology : an archaeometallurgical, technological and social study of the manufacture and use of Anglo-Saxon and Viking iron knives, and their contribution to the early medieval iron economy

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