An approach to reducing hemolysis in an axial-flow blood pump.

  title={An approach to reducing hemolysis in an axial-flow blood pump.},
  author={Hirofumi Anai and Takeshi Nakatani and Yoshinari Wakisaka and Kenji Araki and Yoshiyuki Taenaka and Eisuke Tatsumi and Toru Masuzawa and Yasumasa Baba and Kazuhiro Eya and Koichi Toda},
  journal={ASAIO journal},
  volume={41 3},
In an attempt to decrease hemolysis caused by an axial-flow blood pump, we studied whether specific speed (Ns) at a design point (determined by flow in m3/min, pump head in m, and pump speeds in rpm), should be kept within the existing engineering standard range (1000 < Ns < 2500) or whether pump speed should be reduced to a minimum (Ns < 1000). Four pumps (A: 14,000 rpm, B: 18,000 rpm, C: 22,000 rpm, and D: 26,000 rpm), each with an impeller 11.8 mm in diameter, were designed to accommodate a… CONTINUE READING

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