An approach to conceptual and embodiment design within a new product development lifecycle framework

  title={An approach to conceptual and embodiment design within a new product development lifecycle framework},
  author={C. Vila and J. C. Albi{\~n}ana},
  journal={International Journal of Production Research},
  pages={2856 - 2874}
The design of new innovative products is the result of an accurate and precise management of knowledge sources all over its life cycle, such as technology, market, competitors and suppliers. The work contributes with a framework that shows how the knowledge sources influence in the state-of-the-art and market needs so that they become opportunities for innovating products addressing the whole product life cycle. It provides a systematic path from the early generation of ideas to the production… Expand
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ACDł - a new framework for activity-centered design
The present paper presents the ACD³-framework, a newly developed product development mapping tool that visualizes where design decisions can be coherently made through a clear structure, while allowing flexibility so as not to inhibit a design organization’s innovation and creativity. Expand
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An integrated simulation method for product design based on part semantic model
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