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An approach for Object Detection and Object Tracking using Background Subtraction

  title={An approach for Object Detection and Object Tracking using Background Subtraction},
  author={Divya N. Lad and Tejal Patel},
  journal={International Journal of Advance Research and Innovative Ideas in Education},
  • Divya N. LadTejal Patel
  • Published 2016
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Advance Research and Innovative Ideas in Education
Usually, the video based object tracking deal with non-stationary image stream that change over time. Identifying moving objects from a video sequence is a fundamental and critical task in many computer vision applications. Robust and real-time moving object tracking is a problematic issue in computer vision research area. In the existing system researchers have designed a modified PN learning algorithm for enhancing the performance of system. Modified PN learning algorithm achieves… 

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Adaptive automatic tracking, learning and detection of any real time object in the video stream

  • B. NemadeV. Bharadi
  • Computer Science
    2014 5th International Conference - Confluence The Next Generation Information Technology Summit (Confluence)
  • 2014
A modified PN learning algorithm is proposed for enhancing the performance of object tracking systems by reducing the detector errors and achieving performance improvement to increase the frame processing by adding background subtraction technique for any real time object detection.

A particular object tracking in an environment of multiple moving objects

The particle filter provides a robust object tracking framework under ambiguity conditions and greatly improved estimation accuracy for complicated tracking problems and a differential image of region-based tracking method for the detection of multiple moving objects.

Real-time object detection and tracking in an unknown environment

  • S. PrasadS. Sinha
  • Computer Science
    2011 World Congress on Information and Communication Technologies
  • 2011
The research team developed and implemented object detection and tracking system operational in an unknown background, using real-time video processing and a single camera, and the proposed system has been extensively tested to operate in complex, real world, non-plain, light variant, changing background.

Real-time moving object tracking in video

  • A. M. KodjoYang Jinhua
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    2012 International Conference on Optoelectronics and Microelectronics
  • 2012
Experimental results shown that any kind of moving object can be detected under unconstrained scenes.

Real-time object detection and tracking

In this literature review, some famous and basic methods of object detection and tracking are discussed and their general applications and results are given.

Online Feature Extraction and Selection for Object Tracking

An online feature selection mechanism by extracting and evaluating multiple color features and selecting an appropriate feature subset, by which the object can be distinguished from the background at the highest SNR(signal noise ratio).

Object tracking system based on invariant features

This paper proposes the use of Distance Metric Learning (DML) in combination with Nearest Neighbor (NN) classification for object tracking and assumes that the previous appearances of the object and the background are clustered so that a nearest neighbor classifier can be used to distinguish between the new appearance of theobject and the appearance ofThe background.

Real-time object tracking via CamShift-based robust framework

An adaptive robust framework for object tracking based on the CamShift approach, which is notable for its simplicity and high processing efficiency is presented and results demonstrate that the proposed tracking framework is robust and computationally effective.

Template Match Object Detection for Inertial Navigation Systems

The proposed method is an image processing technique to improve the precision of the INS for detecting and tracking the ground objects from flying vehicles with a focus on flying systems equipped with camera to capture photos for the ground and recognize it.

Real-Time Object Tracking and Classification Using a Static Came ra

A system is presented which is able to detect and classify people and vehicles outdoors in different weather conditions using a static camera and is capable of correctly tracking multiple objects despite occlusions and object interactions.