An antibiotic selection marker for nematode transgenesis

  title={An antibiotic selection marker for nematode transgenesis},
  author={Rosina Giordano-Santini and Stuart Milstein and Nenad Svrzikapa and Domena K. Tu and Robert C. Johnsen and David Baillie and Marc Vidal and Denis Dupuy},
  journal={Nature Methods},
We have developed a nematode transformation vector carrying the bacterial neomycin resistance gene (NeoR) and shown that it could confer resistance to G-418 on both wild-type Caenorhabditis elegans and C. briggsae. This selection system allows hands-off maintenance and enrichment of transgenic worms carrying non-integrated transgenes on selective plates. We also show that this marker can be used for Mos1-mediated single-copy insertion in wild-type genetic backgrounds (MosSCI-biotic). 

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