An anionic antimicrobial peptide from toad Bombina maxima.

  title={An anionic antimicrobial peptide from toad Bombina maxima.},
  author={Ren Lai and Hen Liu and Wen Hui Lee and Yun Zhi Zhang},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={295 4},
Amphibian skin is a rich resource of antimicrobial peptides like maximins and maximins H from toad Bombina maxima. A novel cDNA clone encoding a precursor protein that comprises maximin 3 and a novel peptide, named maximin H5, was isolated from a skin cDNA library of B. maxima. The predicted primary structure of maximin H5 is ILGPVLGLVSDTLDDVLGIL-NH2. Containing three aspartate residues and no basic amino acid residues, maximin H5 is characterized by an anionic property. Different from cationic… CONTINUE READING