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An anatomical insight into the third head of biceps brachii muscle.

  title={An anatomical insight into the third head of biceps brachii muscle.},
  author={Hitendra Kumar and Srijit Das and Gayatri Rath},
  journal={Bratislavske lekarske listy},
  volume={109 2},
BACKGROUND The biceps brachii muscle is known to show variations in the number of heads. This study was performed to evaluate the variations in the origin of the biceps brachii muscle heads. MATERIALS AND METHODS Both extremities of 48 formalin fixed cadavers (n = 96) were studied for abnormal heads of biceps brachii muscle. The flexor compartment of the arm was dissected and the attachments of the biceps brachii muscle were studied in detail. Appropriate photographs were taken. RESULTS… Expand
Anatomical study of the third head of biceps brachii muscle and its innervation by median nerve in human dissection
Several studies have described the biceps brachii muscle as one of the muscles in the upper limb with most frequent anatomical variations. They also reported the presence of this anomaly in varyingExpand
Additional head of biceps brachii: a cadaveric study
Biceps brachii is one of the commonest muscles showing variations and the additional head is not only of academic importance, but its knowledge also helps clinicians in managing fractures of humerus and nerve entrapment. Expand
An anatomical study of the third head of biceps brachii muscle and its innervations
Knowing of additional head of biceps brachii is important for surgery of the fracture of shaft of humerus, as it is found in two right upper extremities of 21 cadavers studied. Expand
Variant heads of biceps brachii muscle with clinical importance.
Topographical anatomy and variations in the heads of the biceps brachii muscle is clinically important for diagnosis and treatment. Expand
A third head of the biceps brachii and coexisting fused higher origin of brachioradialis
During routine dissection of a middle aged male cadaver at the Dr. PSIMS & RF, Gannavaram (INDIA); third head of biceps brachii and fused higher origin of brachioradialis were found in the left upper limb. Expand
Unusual origin of three headed biceps brachii muscle
Routine dissection of a 10% formalin fixed upper extremity of a 72 year old Caucasian male, revealed a tricipital biceps brachii muscle, where the third head took its origin from the deep investing fascia of the brachialis muscle and inserted onto the tendon of the short head of the biceps Brachii. Expand
Biceps Brachii Muscle with Third Head a Case Study
Variant biceps brachii may confuse a surgeon who performs procedures on the arm and may lead to iatrogenic injuries, so the knowledge of existence of its variation is important for anaesthetists and surgeons. Expand
Study of Variations in the Origin of Biceps Brachii Muscle in Kerala
These supernumerary heads of biceps brachii might be significant in production of strong flexion and supination of forearm and cause compression of neurovascular structures because of their close relation to the brachial artery and median nerve. Expand
Morphology and clinical implication of the extra-head of biceps brachii muscle.
The length of the extra-head was extremely significant with those of the corresponding limb in all, male and female cadavers (p<0.0001). Expand