An analysis of the reinforcing properties of hand mouthing.

  title={An analysis of the reinforcing properties of hand mouthing.},
  author={Han Leong Goh and Brian A. Iwata and Bridget A Shore and Iser G Deleon and Dorothea C. Lerman and Scott M. Ulrich and Richard G. Smith},
  journal={Journal of applied behavior analysis},
  volume={28 3},
Hand mouthing often has been described as a stereotypic response that is maintained by nonsocial (automatic) reinforcement; however, data supporting this conclusion can be found in relatively few studies. This series of studies presents an experimental analysis of conditions associated with the maintenance of hand mouthing. In Experiment 1, a functional analysis was conducted for 12 individuals who engaged in chronic hand mouthing, to determine whether the behavior is usually maintained… CONTINUE READING
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