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An analysis of research and literature on CREATIVITY IN EDUCATION

  title={An analysis of research and literature on CREATIVITY IN EDUCATION},
  author={Anna Craft},
Participatory arts for creativity in education (PACE) model: exploring the participatory arts as a potential model for fostering creativity in post-primary education
This research study set out to explore how creativity was being fostered within Participatory Arts initiatives, with a view to informing the design of a Participatory Arts model for education. The
The Place of Creativity in EFL Omani Syllabus: A Content Analysis of Grade 12 Students and Teachers Books
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the presence of creativity thinking skills (fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration) and creativity teaching strategies in post-basic English as a
Including Creativity in Primary School Teaching and Learning Programmes: Teachers’ Pedagogical Practice and the Influence of School Leadership
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Fostering Creativity in Learning: Relinquishing Instructor Control
The purpose of this instructional article is to explain the various definitions and theories of creativity and to demonstrate a connection between creativity and learning. Research in the development
Measuring challenge, fun and sterility on a ‘phunometre’ scale: evaluating creative teaching and learning with children and their student teachers in the primary school
‘It was the funnest week in the whole history of funnest weeks’: our case study, the second phase in a three-phase research project, evaluates the successes and limitations of creative teaching and
Pushing the boundaries: a study of higher education students’ responses to a creative, art-based learning experience.
This article examines students’ responses to an open-ended, art-based task which involved the documentation of the creative process and culminated in the production of individual art pieces. It
Measuring the creativity of JSC graduates: A Bangladeshi perspective
This thesis report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelors of Arts in English at the Department of English and Humanities of BRAC University, 2014.
Possibility Thinking and its pedagogy in primary classrooms using learning resources associated with museum visits in Cyprus
The full examination copy of this thesis has been permanently embargoed to ensure the anonymity of the participants of the research. Users may view an amended copy in which several images have been
“It’s Not Perfect - I Need To Start Again!”
This action research study examines the relationship between self-compassion and creativity amongst high school art students in order to determine if self-compassion plays a positive or negative role


Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry into its Laws and Consequences
Abstract“HEREDITARY GENIUS” was first published in 1869 and conies second in the series of works in which Galton's investigations on inheritance were given to the public, being preceded in 1865 by
Creativity across the primary curriculum
  • 2000
Nourishing educator creativity: a holistic approach to CPD
  • British journal of in-service education,
  • 1996
Networking for Innovation in South Wales
This paper explores the role of networking between individuals and groups in improving innovation and encouraging the development of productive links between industry and the academic staff of a
The Universalization of creativity
The UK Government's publication of "All our Futures: Culture, Creativity and Education" has started a discussion about fostering creativity in education. Literature on creativity has made two
A workshop of the possible : nurturing children's creative development
Expanding Roles for US Research Universities in Economic Development
In the USA, the responsibility for the development of new knowledge and the provision of advanced education and knowledge has remained very predominantly with the research universities. The author
Creative Teachers in Primary Schools
Adapting to intensification resisting through collaboration - a whole-school perspective the creative use and defence of space - appropriation through the environment the charisma of the critical