An aluminum-activated citrate transporter in barley.

  title={An aluminum-activated citrate transporter in barley.},
  author={Jun Furukawa and Naoki Yamaji and Hua Wang and Namiki Mitani and Yoshiko Murata and Kazuhiro Sato and Maki Katsuhara and Kazuyoshi Takeda and Jian Feng Ma},
  journal={Plant & cell physiology},
  volume={48 8},
Soluble ionic aluminum (Al) inhibits root growth and reduces crop production on acid soils. Al-resistant cultivars of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) detoxify Al by secreting citrate from the roots, but the responsible gene has not been identified yet. Here, we identified a gene (HvAACT1) responsible for the Al-activated citrate secretion by fine mapping combined with microarray analysis, using an Al-resistant cultivar, Murasakimochi, and an Al-sensitive cultivar, Morex. This gene belongs to the… CONTINUE READING
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