An alternatively spliced form of the human CD94 gene

  title={An alternatively spliced form of the human CD94 gene},
  author={Hiroshi Furukawa and Toshio Yabe and Kaoru Watanabe and Ritsuko Miyamoto and Tatsuya Akaza and Kenji Tadokoro and Shigeto Tohma and Tetsufumi Inoue and Kazuhiko Yamamoto and Takeo Juji},
Human CD94 is one of the lectin-type natural killer (NK) receptors which are type II transmembrane proteins expressed on NK cells and subsets of T cells that possess a C-type lectin domain (Chang et al. 1995). CD94 recognizes HLA class I molecules on target cells by heterodimerization with NKG2-A or -C, other lectin-type NK receptors (Lazetic et al. 1996), and inhibits or activates the NK cytotoxicity (Houchins et al. 1997). cDNA variants of several NK receptors have been produced by… CONTINUE READING


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Structure of the human CD94 C-type lectin gene

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