An alternative method of panning for rat B lymphocytes.


A new method of panning for B lymphocytes is described in which the ability of the sIg+ cells to adhere depends on the nature and concentration of nonspecific protein used rather than on the use of anti-immunoglobulin. Rat lymph node cells were suspended in 3% bovine serum albumin in Tris-buffered Hanks' and incubated in tissue culture flasks to allow adherence to the plastic. The recovered bed of adherent cells was shown by flow cytometry to be greater than 90% surface immunoglobulin positive and MHC class II positive while containing very few T cells. This adherent fraction was subsequently treated with anti-T cell antibody plus baby rabbit complement to produce a highly purified sIg+ cell population containing no detectable T cells. The sIg+ cells obtained by this panning procedure were functionally active in BCGF and BCDF assays. This method provides an easy and inexpensive alternative to conventional panning with anti-immunoglobulin and also eliminates the possibility of B cell activation by exposure to anti-immunoglobulin-coated surfaces.


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