An algorithm for mixed integer optimization

  title={An algorithm for mixed integer optimization},
  author={Matthias K{\"o}ppe and Robert Weismantel},
  journal={Mathematical Programming},
Abstract.This paper introduces a new algorithm for solving mixed integer programs. The core of the method is an iterative technique for changing the representation of the original mixed integer optimization problem.  

Linear-Programming-Based Lifting and Its Application to Primal Cutting-Plane Algorithms

This lifting procedure can be applied to improve Gomory's fractional cut, which is central to Glover's primal cutting-plane algorithm, and it is shown that the resulting algorithm is finitely convergent.

Mathematical programming for the optimal allocation of health care resources

threshold, if one is willing to accept the resulting level of expenditure as the budget. MP is able to generalise these rules, to accommodate constraints such alternative budgetary rules about the

A decision support system for scheduling the harvesting and wine making processes at a winery

Technological advances made over the past century have had a major impact on traditional wineries. Software solutions for management issues are widely available and give rise to the prospect of

Efficiency, Equity, and Budgetary Policies

The authors extend the use of mathematical programming, first to incorporate more complex budgetary rules about when expenditure can be incurred, and show the opportunity loss, in terms of health benefit forgone, of each budgetary policy.





Abstract : An algorithm is given for the numerical solution of the 'mixed integer' linear programming problem, the problem of maximizing a linear form in finitely many variables constrained both by

The integral basis method for integer programming

An exact algorithm for solving integer programs, neither using cutting planes nor enumeration techniques, that relies on iteratively substituting one column by columns that correspond to irreducible solutions of certain linear diophantine inequalities.

A primal all-integer algorithm based on irreducible solutions

An exact primal augmentation algorithm for solving general linear integer programs that iteratively substitutes one column in a tableau by other columns that correspond to irreducible solutions of certain linear diophantine inequalities is introduced.

Integral decomposition of polyhedra and some applications in mixed integer programming

It is shown that there is a finite subset of this family of rational polyhedra that generates the entire family and an integer analogue of Carathéodory's theorem carries over to this general setting.

A Simplified Primal (All-Integer) Integer Programming Algorithm

The simplified primal algorithm makes these major amendments to the simplex method: a special row, indexed by L, is adjoined to the tableau and is periodically revised by a well-defined procedure.

Solving a System of Linear Diophantine Equations with Lower and Upper Bounds on the Variables

An algorithm for solving constrained diophantine equations as subproblems when designing integrated circuits for video signal processing based on lattice basis reduction, which is tested with good results on real-life data, and on instances from the literature.

Solving a System of Diophantine Equations with Lower and Upper Bounds on the Variables

We develop an algorithm for solving a system of diophantine equations with lower and upper bounds on the variables. The algorithm is based on lattice basis reduction. It rst nds a short vector

A lift-and-project cutting plane algorithm for mixed 0–1 programs

We propose a cutting plane algorithm for mixed 0–1 programs based on a family of polyhedra which strengthen the usual LP relaxation. We show how to generate a facet of a polyhedron in this family

The IntegralBasisMethod for integer programming

  • Mathematical Methods of Operations Research,
  • 2001

Optimization over integers