An algebraic model for commutative Hℤ–algebras

  title={An algebraic model for commutative Hℤ–algebras},
  author={Birgit Richter and Brooke E. Shipley},
  journal={Algebraic \& Geometric Topology},
We show that the homotopy category of commutative algebra spectra over the Eilenberg-Mac Lane spectrum of the integers is equivalent to the homotopy category of E-infinity-monoids in unbounded chain complexes. We do this by establishing a chain of Quillen equivalences between the corresponding model categories. We also provide a Quillen equivalence to commutative monoids in the category of functors from the category of finite sets and injections to unbounded chain complexes. 
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Correction to: An algebraic model for rational naïve-commutative ring SO(2)-spectra and equivariant elliptic cohomology
Equipping a non-equivariant topological $$\text {E}_\infty $$ E ∞ -operad with the trivial G-action gives an operad in G-spaces. For a G-spectrum, being an algebra over this operad does not


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