An advanced Ni-Fe layered double hydroxide electrocatalyst for water oxidation.

  title={An advanced Ni-Fe layered double hydroxide electrocatalyst for water oxidation.},
  author={Ming Gong and Yanguang Li and Hailiang Wang and Yongye Liang and Justin Zachary Wu and Jigang Zhou and Jian Wang and Tom Z Regier and Fei Wei and Hongjie Dai},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={135 23},
Highly active, durable, and cost-effective electrocatalysts for water oxidation to evolve oxygen gas hold a key to a range of renewable energy solutions, including water-splitting and rechargeable metal-air batteries. Here, we report the synthesis of ultrathin nickel-iron layered double hydroxide (NiFe-LDH) nanoplates on mildly oxidized multiwalled carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Incorporation of Fe into the nickel hydroxide induced the formation of NiFe-LDH. The crystalline NiFe-LDH phase in… CONTINUE READING


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