An adult case of Bochdalek hernia complicated with hemothorax.

  title={An adult case of Bochdalek hernia complicated with hemothorax.},
  author={Toshiaki Niwa and Atsushi Nakamura and Takashi Kato and Takeo Kutsuna and Ken Tonegawa and Atsuro Kawai and Makoto Itoh},
  journal={Respiration; international review of thoracic diseases},
  volume={70 6},
A 53-year-old female with mild shock due to vomiting and abdominal pain visited the emergency room of our hospital. Chest X-ray on admission showed a large amount of left pleural effusion. Thoracentesis revealed hemorrhagic pleural effusion. An upper gastrointestinal series showed interruption of the upper gastric body, but the anal side was not visualized. Contrast X-ray examination of the thoracic cavity via the drainage tube demonstrated intrathoracic herniation through the diaphragm. These… CONTINUE READING
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